The Enhanced Proprietary Client Engagement & Segmentation Tool

In response to extensive research and impact of the changing 'Buyer's Journey', the need to enhance client communication and create a point of difference has never been more important – Prova has developed this innovative tool accessing proprietary psychometric data collected from a significant sample group of corporates, from a broad range of industries & a depth of psychometric expertise and research & client behavioural knowledge, the ProvaConnect Tool offers a number of unique features & benefits.

  • Through extensive research, specifies the 12 typical and quite different Client Profile Styles. Provides research based insights to assist professionals,regardless of their role in the organisation to better engage with their clients in various situations
  • Introduces new & effective client segmentation options
  • Increases the communication / engagement effectiveness between sales and business development professionals & their clients, introduces additional client prospecting opportunities.
To experience the features of ProvaConnect, feel free to access the following demonstration links.

The access code is: Prova 

Discover your Client's Profile Style Link:

Discover your Profile Style Link:

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